Connection with unborn child

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” ― Barbara Kingsolver

Its my 20th week which means I am half way through my 40 week pregnancy. I read on Baby Center that Baby’s hearing is developing and will be getting used to the sound of my voice. Tiny teeth are forming and hair on scalp is sprouting. Honestly its lovely to know about these developments but I don’t spend quality time with my unborn. Does that mean we both might not have a strong bond or it will take more time to adjust? The answer is tricky atleast for me.!

Today I came across a video on YouTube by Virtue Baby – A Unit Of Lesdep Foundation on Relationship With Unborn Child. I swear I felt the need to change myself in the best interest of my little one. The speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani is an Indian spiritual teacher. Her aura has always mesmerized me. I believe its not about following a particular religion or a person its more about learning good things that help you evolve as a human being.

What I learned from the video :

  • The whole family should be careful about their thoughts and vibrations. The soul of the unborn has high absorption and consumption power. Specially the parents should try to be happy, cheerful, smiling instead of being angry, irritated and sad. Like physical health, emotional health is also essential.
  • The soul that has entered your womb has just experienced death before coming to you. It has left everyone from past life hence its in pain. Now its your responsibility to give beautiful, positive, peaceful vibrations to the soul and heal it.
  • Gender preference might lead to gender disappointment but it also has a deep impact on the soul of the unborn. It starts feeling unwanted inside and this may continue for lifetime. Always pray for a happy and healthy baby irrespective of boy or girl.
  • Sometimes parents have stress, worry and anxiety towards their baby that how they will manage everything, salary might not be enough, no extra room or space etc these thoughts send vibrations of burden. Its better to believe that the child will be very happy in whatever you have to give to him/her.
  • The most significant point is that every soul has a karmic account. As a parent we cannot change its destiny. Our role is to be a facilitator to that child not controller of his/her life. We should think about giving great values instead of deciding profession.

I have promised myself that I will be jovial, optimistic, hopeful, calm and peaceful person. I will utilize these remaining months and create a beautiful journey for the baby.


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P.S : This is not a promotional post,  purely based on my opinion and understanding.


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